Brembo North America

The Brembo Team and I have worked with Bob Heintz and Shelly Schneider since 2009. When they created Edge Insurance Group, we immediately transitioned our portfolio to Edge to maintain the outstanding level of service and personal touch they have always provided to our employees and organization. They are a true business partner to Brembo in every sense of the word --from administration, education and compliance to cost control measures and strategic planning. They are a trusted member of the Brembo family.


Edge Insurance Group assisted us with a comprehensive review of our employee benefits package to help our organization understand, develop and implement the best plan for our company in the new world of health care reform. With over 1,200 employees in five states, developing our plan posed some unique challenges. To put it simply Bob, Shelly and their team not only helped us through the decision making process but supported the implementation of the plan with efficiency and a personal touch for our associates. We implemented multiple changes all at one time. The Serv-U-Success associates and our management team are pleased with the new benefits, and all felt supported in the decision making process and with the enrollment process itself. We could not be more pleased with the results achieved and the support we have gotten from our agent partners at Edge Insurance Group. I would recommend Edge Insurance Group to anyone looking for an employee benefits agent.


Shelly and her team have been amazing to work with. During open enrollment they were with me every step of the way. Employees commented on how quick Shelly and her team responded to questions and were always treated with respect. When I am unsure of an employee question, the team responds at an incredible turnaround rate. I have undoubtedly loved working with Edge Insurance and will continue to do so!

Altus, Inc.

Altus has worked with Bob and Shelly of Edge Insurance Group for years. They have successfully helped our business control our employee benefit plan costs without sacrificing coverage levels in the process. They provide us with alternatives for consideration every year, assist us with communicating the benefit package to our employees and help us stay on top of changes such as health care reform. Their entire team is extremely helpful when answering any of our questions or in responding quickly when we need assistance. I would recommend the services of Edge Insurance Group.